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Dundee Institute for Healthcare Simulation

The Dundee Institute of Healthcare Simulation (DIHS) has been formed to capitalise on the capability of two centres within the School of Medicine at the University of Dundee with combined experience of providing simulation-based medical education spanning thirty years. Formed as the result of a collaboration between NHS Tayside, the University of Dundee and Medtronic Ltd, the DIHS will both enhance existing simulated training activity and develop new educational products which will establish the DIHS as a world leading facility for simulation-based healthcare education. Current activity within the DIHS spans healthcare practice, and includes all aspects of healthcare provision including practical, communication and non-technical skills. Significant recent advances have been made in developing cadaveric models for image-guided therapies, and developing national programmes for clinical and communication skills.  

Surgical Skills Centre 

The Surgical Skills Centre, developed by Sir Alfred Cuschieri in 1992, has facilities which include two wet labs with workstations equipped with state of the art laparoscopic equipment, and an anatomy laboratory equipped with operating microscopes. Part task trainers and computer workstations permit virtual reality anatomy and endoscopic training. All rooms have large flat screens to which live surgery can be streamed from operating theatres in Ninewells hospital. The DIHS makes extensive use of cadavers preserved using the Thiel technique, a sophisticated method of preservation of complete human cadavers with provides an excellent model for procedural skills training that is unique in the UK.   Currently the Surgical Skills Centre is undergoing an exciting new refurbishment funded by Medtronic and the University of Dundee.  This refurbishment provides us with an additional seminar room, a new delegates lounge area and an additional wet lab and tutorial room along with a new AV/IT installation.  This is a very exciting development which will be completed by Spring 2018.

Clinical Skills Centre

The Clinical Skills Centre is a purpose built multi-professional facility opened in 1997 by Sir Kenneth Calman. The centre has expanded over the past ten years, and the most recent addition to the facilities has been the Dow Clinical Simulation suite, a £1M extension which has recreated different health care workplace settings, enabling health care professionals to learn safely in simulated environments, and enhancing the transfer of new skills to clinical practice.