As well as running our own courses the Dundee Institute for Healthcare Simulation is also happy to offer our facilities for hire for seminars, industry courses and training events, examinations etc. We can provide all necessary resources, technical, AV/IT, administration support and catering requirements

The Surgical Skills Centre, developed by Sir Alfred Cuschieri in 1992, has facilities which include two wet labs with workstations equipped with state of the art laparoscopic equipment, and an anatomy laboratory equipped with operating microscopes. Part task trainers and computer workstations permit virtual reality anatomy and endoscopic training. All rooms have large flat screens to which live surgery can be streamed from operating theatres in Ninewells hospital. The DIHS makes extensive use of cadavers preserved using the Theil technique, a sophisticated method of preservation of complete human cadavers with provides an excellent model for procedural skills training that is unique in the UK. Our expert local faculty are supported by expert external faculty from across Europe to ensure the highest quality is maintained in surgical skills training.

The Clinical Skills Centre is a purpose built multi-professional facility opened in 1997 by Sir Kenneth Calman. The centre has expanded over the past ten years, and the most recent addition to the facilities has been the Dow Clinical Simulation suite, a £1M extension which has recreated different health care workplace settings, enabling health care professionals to learn safely in simulated environments, and enhancing the transfer of new skills to clinical practice.

As well as providing our own courses we are also happy to offer our facilities for hire for seminars, skills training events, examinations etc. We can provide equipment, materials, technical, AV/IT and administration support.